Overige dieren

Giraffes I 150 x 100 cm sold
Cheetahs XI 100 x 100 cm sold
Cheetahs IV 100 x 100 cm sold
Giraffes IV 150 x 100 cm
At the zoo 100x100cm sold
Bikkel en Ollie 80 x 40 cm sold
Stip & Jacky 80 x 40 cm sold
Robbert en Pontus 80 x 40 cm sold
TSAVO Elephants 100 x 150 cm sold
Leeuw II 120 x 100 cm sold
Tsavo elephants nr 2 140x100cm Sold
Red Elephants 120x100cm Sold
Stallion 140x100cm Sold
Addo Elephants sanguine on paper 70x60cm
Andalusie 120x100cm
Addo nr3 oil/canvas 100x10 0cm Sold
green elephant oil canvas 120x100cm Sold
addo elephant 100x100cm
tsavo elephants 150x100cm
andalusie 160x80cm
spring is here 100x100cm
in the lead 120x100cm
flying cheetahs 140x100cm
the start 100x100cm
camargue nr2 160x80cm SOLD
off they are 160x80cm